InHouse Training

InHouse Training

As LEC specialize in management training course and workshop design to meet the specific in-company training and development needs for a group of managers or directors in organizations across the world. Our CIPD training consultants work closely with your company to create the most effective leadership, management development or interpersonal skills training course or workshop.

We have extensive experience in delivering a broad range of in-house leadership, sales and people management, and interpersonal skills training courses for participants at operative to senior management level in a wide range of industries and sectors including Banking, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Hospitality, IT, Finance and the Telecom.

All our in-company training courses are practical, highly participative and are conducted in a relaxed, supportive and enjoyable environment. They are designed to stretch and challenge individuals and teams in order to promote their learning and development, and to help them gain valuable insights relevant to improving day-to-day business results.

We focus on the acquisition of specific skills and knowledge, offering plenty of opportunity for group discussion and individual skills practice with constructive feedback to improve performance. We support all learning in the company training room with workbooks to help participants with future reference and further reading.

We appreciate that clients often require an in-house training course to meet a set of specific skills that needs to be developed.

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